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MSC Workshops & Clubs

MSC hosts many different workshops and clubs.  These are non-graded educational and social gatherings designed to encourage enrichment and community for our students and families.  Please explore below for areas of interest.

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Elementary Workshops


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Middle School Workshops

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Backpacking Expeditions- Summer 2019



High School Workshops
Parent Workshops

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Love & Logic Parenting Workshop





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Reading Programs– All Grades

Battle of the Books– Segmented by grade


Club 100




  • Our goal is to inspire daily vigorous activity, to build strength & endurance.
  • We challenge you to walk, bike, hike, ski, swim or skip to 100 miles by the end of this school year!
  • We will have prizes along the journey too!
  • Log your miles to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Receive a FREE pedometer while supplies last.
  • All ages are welcome to join! And parents too!


Sign-up Here and enter your name(s) & contact information then receive info about club activities and ways to earn bonus miles! Download your mile log here and get started. It’s as simple as that!

You can track your miles through one or any combination of activities ie: running, skiing, hiking etc. Turn in your mile log via email (mscactivities@gmail.com) or fax: 907-352-7480 or simply drop it off at the front office.

Each club member will receive a FREE pedometer with sign-up (while supplies last). Additionally, participants will be awarded prizes at the 50 and 100 mile marker.

MSCS Club 100 can be combined with the Healthy Futures Challenge.

Questions? Contact Gena Chastain at 352-7457

Healthy Futures Elementary Challenge

Healthy Futures Elementary Challenge

How does the Challenge work? It’s simple! Students who are active for at least 60 minutes a day, 15 days a month, and record their activity on the Healthy Futures Activity Log are awarded fun incentives when their school representative submits the information to Healthy Futures via the online app.

Send in your activity logs by email: gena.chastain@matsuk12.us OR fax: 907-352-7480 OR drop them off at the front office at the Wasilla Campus. 

NEW FOR THE 2017-2018 CHALLENGE: Incentives will be a surprise!  The incentives will continue to be small prizes designed to encourage play and develop motor skills such as jump ropes, frisbees, bike lights, and yo-yos.

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