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STEM Challenges

Join us at Mat-Su Central School for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) inspired challenges! Geared for elementary students, this class is designed to stimulate young minds. As parents and educators, you know that STEM activities need to be introduced early on because in today’s age of information, the ability to innovate, be technologically fluent and understand how and why things work together is so important. 

Date: Fridays, March 22nd – April 12th
Time: 2:00 – 3:00 PM 
Location: Mat-Su Central School, Wasilla Campus, Project Room
Instructor: Mrs. Kristen Nilsson
How to enroll: Contact Alaska Learning 4 Life at: aklearning4life@gmail.com or call 907-795-0915
Cost: $90 per student for all 4 sessions. 

For the Birds! MSCS Workshop: 

Meets Tuesdays, April 9th – 30th
Time: 12:15 – 1:30 PM
Location: Mat-Su Central School, PALMER CAMPUS, (745 S. Alaska St. Palmer, AK)
Recommended for grades 2nd – 4th grade
Instructor: Gena Chastain
Cost: $20

Tuesdays, April 9th – 23rd: Let’s learn about birds! Students will identify common birds, the foods they eat, and habitat needs. We will also learn about migration patterns and special adaptations. Each student will create his/ her own bird feeder to take home & set-up their own feeding station to observe & record bird data.

Tuesday, April 30th: Meet Tundra the Short Eared Owl! Our feathered friend Tundra will visit us with her friends from the Alaska Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center to teach us all about owl adaptions, diet, and habitat. Each student will dissect an owl pellet and learn about the owl’s digestion system.

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Questions? Contact Gena C. at: 352-7457