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Rev up is a small group reading tutoring experience.  Our goal is to improve reading fluency and decoding skills.  This tutoring workshop is designed to target phonetic awareness, increase vocabulary and improve reading skills.  Students grades 2-6 that need a boost in reading and phonics are invited to join. The workshop will run the full session and will be limited in number so that individual improvement and attention can be given.  

  • Date: Thursdays, Jan10th- March 7th
  • Time: 11 am-noon
  • Location: Palmer Campus, Conference Room
  • For Elementary Grades
  • Cost for entire session is $95
  • Instructor: Mrs. Catrina Herrick
  • How to Enroll: Contact Mrs. Herrick directly at New Day Learning ph:315- 2645 or email: learningnewday@gmail.com

Please see your advisor for how this course can supplement your ILP for potential credit.