Love & Logic Parenting Workshop at MSCS-

Workshop description: Love and Logic is the original and proven leader in parenting. This workshop will help parents from all walks of life create happy, resilient & responsible kids. Enjoy immediate success with the effective parenting solutions taught in this on-site parenting class.

Session One- Putting an End to Arguing, Back Talk & Begging
Session Two- Teaching Responsibility Without Losing Their Love.

Session Three- Setting Limits Without Waging War
Session Four- Avoiding Power Struggles

Session Five- Guiding Kids to Own & Solve Their Problems
Session Six- Teaching Kids to Complete Chores… Without Reminders & Without Pay.

Dates: Wednesdays, Sept 27th – Nov 1st
Time: 10:30 -12:30 PM
Location: MSCS Library
Cost: FREE

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Questions? Contact Mrs. Katie Conover at 352-7494 or