Parent Resources

Parents and families are an integral part of MSC.  Helping create a team of support for our students is at the heart of what we do.  This page is dedicated to helpful links and resources for parents that help navigate our systems and access tools for learning.

If you have more ideas, please help us add to this page and contribute to our resources for our parent community.

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Getting Started

Parent Portal

Families can access their students’ data, including grades and account information, through the MSC Parent Portal.  This portal is securely linked with your MSBSD iParent account information, so we have included instructions here on how to access and use this portal.  Please reach out to the front office or your advisor for help if you are still having any issues with this tool.

Logging In

Please go to and log into your iParent Account.


Once logged in, select a student who is enrolled at Mat-Su Central.


On the left side, you will see a link to the “Mat-Su Central Parent Portal” Click there to explore the Portal Beta.


Viewing Allotment Amount & Detail

You can click on ‘detail’ to see a breakdown of transactions

You will see all purchases, course costs, or reimbursements on this screen

Submitting Grades

Mat-Su Central’s new parent portal now supports submitting grades electronically. You can submit grades, work samples, and narratives using the easy-to-navigate drop downs and file uploader. Please see the screenshots below for your directions and don’t hesitate to contact your advisor if you need help.


ppgrades2 ppgrades3

Videos to Help with Parent Portal

Learn How to Submit Reimbursements Using Your Smartphone

This video demonstrates how to login submit your reimbursement form through Parent Portal on your smartphone.

Learn How to Log In

This video demonstrates how to login to iParent and access the parent portal.
This is step 1 in using the portal.

Learn How to Submit Grades

This video describes how to upload grades for your student, including attaching work samples.

Learn How to Submit Reimbursements

This video details how to build a reimbursement online and track its progress through Mat-Su Central


Online Program Resources

Measures of Academic Progress – MAP

MAP is an assessment tool that helps parents view their student’s progress and compare their scores to others around the country and in the district in their same grade.  Not only does MAP provide basic information, it also has a lot of instructional information and suggestions for families and advisors.  Lastly, there are many other resources that utilize MAP’s scoring guides to help create specific units of study for students in different areas.

The goal of this area is to help parents know what some of those resources are and how to access them once your student has taken the MAP assessment.

Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) creates a personalized assessment experience by adapting to each student’s learning level—precisely measuring student progress and growth for each individual.


Compass Video



GO Math!® is a K–5 math program written to fully support the new state math standards. It features a strong digital system perfect for parent/teacher support and blended instruction.