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We believe that the Parent Portal is now available for submission of Work Samples and Receipts, although we are troubleshooting some issues. However, this process is working for most users currently.

Please try the steps below.

STEP 1 – The first thing every user needs to do is clear your internet browser’s cache. (please search online for how to do this for your preferred browser)

STEP 2 – Log in as usual

STEP 3 – Proceed to upload documents

STEP 4 Submit as usual

If you encounter an error, close the error notification and try clicking ‘submit’ one more time (in some cases this helps to clear the browser cache as well).



Submit a ticket

If, after having tried all the above, you still have issues, please help us by submitting a ticket to Connie, who will reach back out to you to help resolve your needs and also inform our developers to identify solutions.

>>Reducing file size for faster upload


There are some other possible issues we are troubleshooting for some users. If you continue to have trouble, please do the following.

First – try to reduce your image file size.

Here are some ways you can reduce file sizes per device:

  • Mac Computer
    • From Photos – Click on photo>Go to File>Export>Select JPG, High Quality, and Large Size, then export to destination and upload from there. This will reduce files by up to 10x
    • From Preview – Use this link to resize and reduce file size:
      Apple Support: Image Resize
  • iPhone/iPad
    • You will need to download a resizing app from the App Store. There are several to consider, and we suggest you find one you prefer. Most are paid or have free versions with ads.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and we hope to have this completely resolved as soon as possible.

We will have more information as it comes to us from our developers.