On-Site Classes

Mat-Su Central is not like any other program.  We support families and students looking for all kinds of options in learning.  We also know that learning is a social endeavor.  To that end, we also have on-site classes that allow students to come in to work in groups and learn in new and meaningful ways with our certified teachers.

See below for our current scheduled offerings.  

2018 On-Site Class Schedule

We may be offering more courses throughout the year, so please continue to check back here.


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Music, Math Labs, Study Hall

Semester 1
Aug. 14 – Dec. 21

Semester 2
Jan. 8 – May 18


All other on-site classes

Session 1
Sept. 5 – Nov. 22

Session 2
Dec. 4 – Mar. 8


Offered by teachers and vendors at MSC