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How We Learn

At MSC, families have options when it comes to curriculum.  You have choices regarding both in what mode you think is best to learn the subject in, as well as which programs fit your family’s needs.  We include here a list of popular curriculums, but consult with your advisor if you are looking at other options.  We are here to help.


Sometimes nothing beats good old textbooks.  MSC offers many options for families and can help with pacing guides and parent/teacher resources.


Online learning offers freedom of place and access to all kinds of modern resources.  Student progress and interaction with advisors helps make this mode one that many students and parents prefer.


Learning is a social endeavor and MSC has offerings to help students learn together and experience learning together.  We provide classes in Music, Art, Technology, and more.


 Learning doesn’t just happen with a curriculum and a teacher.  Often kids learn most when they are able to explore new and interesting things.  MSC works hard to provide opportunities for students and families to get out and explore together.


Popular Curriculums

Due to the popularity of these curriculums, MSC usually carries these in stock and can get them to families same day.  Other options are available by order, so please consult with your advisor.

More on Curriculum

Approved Curriculum List

MSC Specific Courses – Not on District Program of Studies

Math Curriculum Review

Parents have been asking MSC faculty for help sifting through the tomes of curriculum options that Mat-Su Central is fortunate to offer. This year, we wanted to tackle this issue and provide a dedicated space with curriculum summaries, reviews, and some advisor opinions on our school’s most popular math offerings.

Please remember, the opinions below are that of the advisor and not that of the school or district. Any of the advisors who gave their opinions are happy to discuss the pros or cons of the curriculum and are available via email or phone, and can be found on the staff page.

This project was a collaboration with the AAC, parents, and staff.

The Process

For the purposes of evaluation, ‘Usability’ means how easy or difficult it is to find lessons, problem sets, and instructional aids for the homeschool environment. We also looked at the availability of solution guides, assessments, and supplemental materials for advanced or struggling students.

Curriculums that received a high usability score, were generally easier to use.


Rigor was evaluated by looking at the problem sets compared to the Alaska Math Standards (updated 2012).

Curriculums that received a High Rating in ‘Rigor’ offered more variety and questions that aligned well with the Alaska Math Standards.


We tried our best to provide a range for ‘Price.’ Material prices fluctuate quite a bit depending on edition, shipping, etc. Our hope by providing a range is purely for parent planning purposes. Price is not intended as part of the evaluation.

Many curriculums offer a wide range of available supplemental materials -make sure an ask your advisor for more information.

The Curricula
Go Math!


Usability: ★★★
Rigor: ★★★★★
Price: $80-250

Go Math! is a comprehensive k-8 program that focuses on students mastering each standard before moving on. Review sections pepper this curriculum allowing students to maintain previous skills. Combine the student text with the online…

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Holt-McDougal Burger


Usability: ★★★☆☆
Rigor: ★★★★★
Price: $80-$100

Holt-McDougal Burger courses are separated into content area (i.e. Algebra, Geometry, etc). The books approach math by having students master each standard before moving on, with plenty of review throughout. The curriculum is…

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Usability: ★★☆☆☆
Rigor: ★★★★☆
Price: $100-$200

Odysseyware is an online Math Course with videos demonstrating some skills and examples. Students will complete automatically graded assignments and quizes. Odysseyware works well for highly motiviated, students and is recommmended for students Grade 7 & Up.

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Saxon Homeschool


Usability: ★★★★☆
Rigor: ★★★★☆
Price: $130-$200

Saxon is a strong, time-proven math curriculum. Saxon Relies on a ‘spiral’ method of delivering math content, meaning each section delivers a large amount of problem diversity and…

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Teaching Textbooks

Usability: ★★★
Rigor: ★★★☆☆
Price: $130-$200

Teaching Textbooks is a CD + Book curriculum with heavy instructional support. Each lesson is made up of a video lecture and spiraling problem set, heavy in review. Students are…

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