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How We Learn

At MSC, families have many options when it comes to curriculum.  There are many choices regarding what mode best fits a student’s learning style.  Included here is a list of popular curricula, but consult with your advisor if you are looking at other options.  We are here to help.


Sometimes nothing beats good old textbooks.  MSC offers many options for families and can help with pacing guides and parent/teacher resources.


Online learning offers freedom of place and access to all kinds of modern resources.  Automatic grading, set due dates, a variety of activities, and interaction with advisors help make this mode one that many students and parents prefer.


Learning is a social endeavor, and MSC has offerings to help students learn and experience learning together.  We provide classes in Music, Art, Technology, and more.


Learning doesn’t just happen with a curriculum and a teacher.  Often, kids learn most when they are able to explore new and interesting things.  MSC works hard to provide opportunities for students and families to get out and explore together.


Popular Curriculums

Due to the popularity of these curriculums, MSC usually carries these in stock and can get them to families same day.  Other options are available by order, so please consult with your advisor.

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