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This page showcases options for high school students at MSC.
Here you can find information about class offerings, field trips, activities, and tips for working with high school students.

General Information


Students learn in different ways, and there are a variety of curriculum types to meet individual needs.
Textbook, online, on-site, classes at other MSBSD schools, and college courses are all available through Mat-Su Central.  For specific options please visit the How We Learn page for more detailed information.


Each student receives an allotment to be used for all aspects of schooling (books, supplies, internet, computer, lessons, etc.).  Juniors and Seniors may be eligible for an Honors Allotment if they meet the requirements.

Please visit the Navigating Mat-Su page for more information about Student Allotments and the Honors Program.

Sports and Extra Curricular Activities

Students can participate in sports at their boundary school, provided they meet ASAA regulations.  The specific ASAA guidelines are listed under the Extra-Curricular Activity section of our Navigating Mat-Su Central page.


Credit earned at the high school level may require a meeting with your advisor to review coursework and grades.


Misc. High School Links
Technical Schools
Transcript Information

Unofficial transcripts can be requested through your advisory teacher.  If you need an official transcript sent to a college, institution, or yourself, please contact the Mat-Su Central registrar, Jennifer Bogle, at 907-352-7453 or at jennifer.bogle@matsuk12.us.

Important Dates

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Ongoing Activities:

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Graduation Info

Graduation & rehearsal will be held at the MENARD SPORTS CENTER located at 1001 S Clapp St in Wasilla.

Cap & Gown – Ordering will be available after February 1st.
Grades Due: Tuesday, May 1 (check in with your advisor regularly!)
Equipment/Books Due: Tuesday, May 1 (computers, cameras, textbooks, library books, musical instruments, etc)
Grad Blast: TBD (eligibility requirements: classes completed, equipment & library books turned in)
Scholarship Recognition: TBD
Graduation Rehearsal: TBD (MANDATORY)
Graduation Ceremony: TBD (graduates please arrive at noon!)

Scholarships: If you have earned a scholarship award other than the APS or UA Scholar and would like to be recognized at our scholarship recognition Tea, please click here to fill out a quick form and to RSVP to the Tea. For questions, contact tracy.houser@matsuk12.us.

Graduation Coordinators:
Jennifer Bogle (907) 352-7453 or jennifer.bogle@matsuk12.us
Kate Johnson (907) 352-1357 or kate.johnson@matsuk12.us