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Kindergarten – 8th Grade


At MSC, we see education as a meaningful partnership between parents, students, and advisors.  We are here to support families, knowing you are absolutely dedicated to your children and their potential.  This page is designed to help you find resources but also see what learning is like at Mat-Su Central.

Individual Learning Plan

Overview – Each year an ILP, Individualized Learning Plan, is developed that focuses on the current needs of the student.  The ILP takes around an hour and half.  During that time, we get to know each other, create an academic plan, and gather curriculum.  We will also take that time to discuss the topics explained in detail below.  By reviewing the topics prior to your ILP, you will be prepared to ask your advisor follow-up questions and clarification.

Ways to Measure Progress

At your ILP conference, your advisor will discuss student assessment results or give your child a quick, academic assessment which will help to customize your child’s ILP.  State Homeschool Regulations state that funding is linked to student proficiency and growth. Mat-Su Central offers the MAP assessment three times a year, AIMSweb, and proctors the statewide test each spring.

Dates of importance:


Onsite Offerings

At Mat-Su Central School we provide classes for students and workshops for parents.  

Parent and Student Workshops

Workshops are special opportunities to learn about specific topics. These workshops may occur once a week or a few times a semester.

Parent- Coffee, Tea and ABC, Tuesday Tech Talk, ACES Training, Love and Logic, School Tours, Parent Portal Training

Student- Science Labs, Art Workshops, Ballet, Expos


Sessions run approximately three months and include:

Teen Leadership, Technology, Musical Theater, Lego Robotics, Rocket Math, Reading and Writing Together, Read Naturally, Step Up to Writing

Semester Classes

These classes run the entire semester and include:  Music, Math Lab, and Study Hall

Click here for all current offerings at Mat-Su Central School.


Clubs at Mat-Su Central School have rolling enrollment; meaning they are open for student sign-up throughout the year. Examples of clubs include: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Chess Club, YANA, MSC Club 100, Healthy Futures and more. 

Click Here to sign-up for MSC Club 100

Click here to download the MSC Club 100 activity log

Click here to download the Healthy Futures Activity Log

Kinder Kick-Start Program

Kinder Kick-Start 

Arrival Time, Monday – Wednesday 9:30 AM Dismissal 12 PM
Arrival Time, Tuesday – Thursday AM Session:  9:00 AM Dismissal 12 PM
Arrival Time, Tuesday – Thursday PM Session:  1:00 PM Dismissal 4 PM


Date: March 27th Parent/ Child Workshop
Time: 9:30 11:30 AM
Location: Mat-Su Central School, Wasilla Campus (Auditorium)
Click here to sign-up for this workshop

Date: April 10th Parent/ Child Workshop
Time: 9:30 11:30 AM
Location: Mat-Su Central School, Wasilla Campus (Auditorium)
Check back here for a clickable sign-up link. 

Important Dates:

Spring Break
Dates: March 9th – 24th.     No School
Please note, the Kinder Kick-Start Spring Break does not follow the Mat-Su Central School calendar spring vacation dates.

Welcome back to KinderKick-Start- March 25th

Last Day of Kinder Kick-Start! 
Date: May 14th

Kinder Kick-Start Graduation & All School Picnic
Date: May 19th


Every student may use their allotment for a computer and an i-Pad.

Technology and equipment that parents choose to purchase directly, should receive prior approval from their advisory teacher, especially when the cost exceeds $150.  Computers can be purchased on a three year loner plan, paying a set amount for three years. This plan is only available to returning students. I-pads and Chromebooks are also available at Mat-Su Central.  

Costs of repairs of computers and other technology equipment not covered under warranty will be deducted from allotment-based student allotments. In case of deficient funds, parents will be responsible for all repair costs.

Daily Homeschool Routine

Daily Homeschool Routine

In homeschooling organization is key.  Although families have greater flexibility and options, most students need structure and consistency of routines and schedule. Students should receive around four hours of instruction in the core subjects every day.


We have a variety of recommended curriculum onsite, which is commonly used by our homeschooling families.  State law does not allow us to pay for non-secular (religious) materials. To receive reimbursement, curriculum materials must be listed in the ILP.  If you have questions or concerns about your curriculum choice, please contact your advisor for clarification.

Parents whose students continue to be proficient have greater latitude in choosing curriculum.  The curriculum of a student on a Response to Instruction/Intervention (RTI) plan or who doesn’t show growth may be specified by the advisor.

Response to Intervention

Students who are struggling academically or have below proficient test scores on the AIMSweb or MAP assessments must have an intervention plan in place on their ILP.  At a minimum, parents need to have monthly contact with their student’s advisor.

Time spent on direct instruction, change of curriculum, parent workshops and/or tutoring are options to achieve academic progress.  

Progress monitoring (PM) will be required to monitor academic progress.  Funding for extracurricular activities may be limited until academic progress has been achieved.

Instructional Vendors and Reimbursements

There is a list of approved instructional vendors, such as tutors and instructors, on our website, www.matsucentral.org.  We will reimburse for vendor services if the vendor is on our approved list, and if their services are listed in your child’s ILP, Individual Learning Plan.  If you are uncertain about the vendor’s credentials, check our website or please contact gena.chastain@matsuk12.us or call Gena at 352-7457.

Reimbursements for Curriculum

Items may be reimbursed only if those items are in your child’s ILP, Individual Learning Plan.  Reimbursement for activities are made after the services are rendered.  The fiscal year is July 1st –June 30th

Grades must be up to date before reimbursements can be approved.

Students who have a Response to Instruction/Intervention (RTI) plan, must meet those requirements to have reimbursements approved.

If you have questions about your reimbursements, please contact Jim.Renk@matsuk12.us or call Jim at 352-7456.


If you would like Mat-Su Central to order an item(s), please see your advisor and they will walk you through the process.  Please note this process will take longer than if you order the item(s) yourself.  

Parent Advisor Communication

Parents of proficient students need to have quarterly contact with their student’s advisor about the grades they have earned.  Communication with your advisor may include phone calls, email, letters, informal conversations and appointments.


Submitting Grades

Inputting Grades

Grades, written narratives, and work samples are required each quarter.  Please upload grades, written narratives, and work samples all at the same time on the Parent Portal.

Number Grades – An explanation of the Standards-Aligned report card scores for kindergarten-fifth grade:

Score Scoring Guide Standard

Mastery level of performance

  • Mastery of grade level standards without prompting and support

Proficient level of performance

  • Meets grade level standards with        minimal prompting and support

Below proficient but progressing

  • Partially meets grade level standards with some adult prompting and support
Below Proficient but progressing

Far below proficient

  • Performs below grade level standards even with adult prompting and support
Performs below grade level
NM Not Evaluated at this time


Letter Grades –  An explanation of letter grades for sixth-eighth:

Grade Standard Grade Standard
A Superior Work 90% and above
B Average 80% and above
C Low Average 70% and above
D Below Average Below 70%
F Far Below Average Below 60%
NG Not evaluated at this time

The latest a class can be added to your child’s ILP is the second week of the second semester; allowing you time to give grades for the semester.  Students can only receive ‘NG’ (not graded) for 2 quarters. For instance, if you have music in your child’s ILP, and are receiving funds for music, you have to give a grade for at least 2 quarters of the year.

Work Samples and Written Narratives

Work samples

Every quarter you will upload a picture of your child’s work for each subject.  An efficient way to accomplish this is to take a picture using your smartphone, i-Pad, or computer.  

Written narratives  

Written narratives should be developed for all areas listed on the ILP, Individual Learning Plan.  Narratives should be 3-5 sentences explaining lessons and topics covered over the past quarter.  

Math Example

Sarah has completed the first 40 lessons in Saxon 5/4.  She has scored 90-100% on her assessments.  She is also doing Compass Learning Online and enjoys the math activities.  To date, she has scored between 85-100% on her lessons.  She practices her math facts daily using the flashcards.  Since she masters her daily lessons and assessments, I am assigning a score of ‘3’.



Language Arts