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Academic Advisory Committee (AAC)
About AAC

The Academic Advisory Committee (AAC) at Mat-Su Central School is a group composed of parents, school staff, principal and school board member(s) which was formed to address urgent needs at the school and parent concerns, and to give Parent Educators a strong voice in decision-making and policies at the school and District level. The group has been working to revise School Board Policies and Administrative Regulations to enhance the homeschool & family friendly Homeschool Support Program at Mat-Su Central School. One direct result of the AAC’s work has been the facility enhancements underway, which includes a family Homeschool Resource Center and space for student and parent workshops and labs.

All MSC parents, vendors, and staff are invited to attend AAC meetings.

AAC Meeting Schedule 2018-2019 @ 2:00

  • August 13 Project Room

  • September 10 Auditorium

  • October 1 @ Palmer Campus

  • November 5 @ Palmer Campus

  • December 3 Project Room

  • January 14 @ Palmer Campus

  • February 4 @ Palmer Campus

  • March 4 @ Palmer Campus

  • April 8 Project Room

  • May 20 Project Room

AAC Agendas/Minutes

AAC Voting Information

The Academic Advisory Council (AAC) at Mat-Su Central School is empowered by the School Board to make policy and budgetary recommendations to District Administration and the School Board that define the Mat-Su Central School philosophy, mission, vision, policies, administrative regulations, practices, and procedures in accordance with State law and regulation.  The Committee consists of parents of students enrolled in the program, school staff, one appointed School Board member, one non-voting MSC Student Government student, and one Superintendent designee from the District Office.  The majority of the Council is made up of parents of students enrolled in the program.  The AAC meets monthly during the school year. 

Six responses were received from parents interested in filling  the three seats available to parents of currently enrolled Mat-Su Central students. Please review the responses on the website AAC Page and vote for three candidates of your choice, using the ballot on the website or by voting in person in the registrar’s office at Mat-Su Central.

Eligibility to vote: Parents, legal guardians, MSC staff, emancipated students or adult advocates of students enrolled in Mat-Su Central School on the day of the election are eligible to vote in elections. Each family and staff member shall have one vote. 

To Vote: email the MCS Registrar Jennifer.Bogle@matsuk12.us or vote in person at the MCS Registrar’s Office on December 18, 19, or 20.  New AAC Members will be announced at the AAC meeting on Monday, January 14, 2019 and in the next MCS Newsletter. 
Parents are always encouraged to attend regular meetings of the AAC –  Thank you for your participation!

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Academic Committee of Excellence (ACE)
About ACE

The Academic Committee of Excellence (ACE) is a subcommittee of Mat-Su Central School’s Academic Advisory Council.  The ACE is responsible for the evaluation of the variety of curriculum used by students to meet or exceed State standards.  It will also provide mentoring and professional parent educator development strategies to enhance cohesive instructional and educational delivery methods.All MSC parents, vendors, and staff are invited to attend AAC meetings.

ACE Meeting Schedule 2018-2019, 12:00 @ MSC

  • August 29

  • September 26

  • October 31

  • November 28

  • January 30

  • February 27

  • March 27

  • April 24

Involvement in ACE

All MSC parent educators are invited to attend the Academic Committee of Excellence meetings. These meetings are designed to help add or revise curriculum, materials, supplies, courses, and classes. In addition, ACE will be responsible for professional development opportunities. We welcome your advice and input and would love to see you there. You do not have to commit to attending all meetings, just come as you can.

  • ACE Meeting Schedule 2016-2017, 12:00 @ MSC – TBA

For more information contact Tracy Houser

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