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Our accounting team is committed to helping families access and use allotment funds to help support student needs.  Please feel free to contact your advisor or accounting if you have questions about finances.

Sign up for Direct Deposit

  • Download the EFT Direct Deposit Form.
  • Fill in the form online or print and fill in.
  • Send the completed form with a voided check to MSDPURCHASING@matsuk12.us
  • If you need help, please see below or bring the form to MSC and we can forward for you.
Important Accounting Dates



  • TBA  (by 8 PM)– is a voluntary deadline and we will work to get these paid by Winter Vacation (Dec. 20th) Happier Holidays!
  • April 30, 2020 (by 8 PM)– July 1, 2019 to Apr 30, 2020, items and services received.
  • June 30, 2020 (by 8 PM) – May 1 to June 30, 2020, items and services received.      

Pre-Approval Forms:

  • March 6, 2020 3:30 PM – iPads and computer requests.
  • March 20, 2020 3:30 PM – all other requests.
General Information

Every purchase or reimbursement must be directly related to the Individualized Learning Plan and aligned with State of Alaska standards for education. Materials purchased with allotment funds are the property of MSBSD. Appropriate use and maintenance of these materials is the responsibility of the parent.

Please note: The Mat-Su Central School’s school year begins July 1 and ends on June 30.

The Allotment-Based Program is available to any student in grades K-12, with the exception of Overage Students (students past their 20th birthday), who are enrolled prior to the end of the official count period, after which time the Mat-Su Central School Allotment-Based Program closes and curriculum will be provided by MCS (see AR 6181 at MSBSD website/ School Board.)

This allocation may be used for resources deemed APPROPRIATE & REASONABLE that fulfill the curriculum requirements of the Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District and ensures that proficiency in the state standards is being accomplished. These include, but are not limited to the traditional subject areas of mathematics, reading, language arts, social studies and science. The MCS supports families/students and parental choice in regards to education, as well as choices in curriculum and enrichment offerings. Allotments for students enrolled in the allotment-based program are furnished with public funds for public education. Therefore, all items purchased either by purchase orders or by reimbursements made with District funds, such as computers, equipment, textbooks & teacher’s guides, and other non-consumable items, shall be considered property of the Mat-Su School District. All property must be returned to Mat-Su Central School or purchased upon completion or withdrawal from the program. A student must have a current ILP on file with their advisor in order to have purchase orders or reimbursements processed. Requests for purchases/reimbursements must be aligned instructionally with the student’s ILP.

Deadlines for Purchase Orders and Reimbursements

Please refer to the school calendar/website for actual dates.

The timeline below is designed to:

  • Minimize the reimbursement processing time at the end of the school year.
  • Ensure educational resources support student learning for the maximum amount of the school year
  • Support MCS staff in completing state mandated testing duties and assist all potential high school graduates to complete course requirements.
  • Allow for MCS staff to order and receive educational materials in preparation for the upcoming school year
  • Close out MCS school accounts for the current fiscal year

Student Allocation Timeline:

  • Last day for technology requests (computers and iPads) is the last Friday before Spring Break.
  • Last day for all other educational equipment and curriculum requests is the first Friday after Spring Break.
  • Reimbursements of goods and services will be made for purchases occurring July 1 through April 30 of each school which are submitted before April 30 at midnight.
  • Reimbursement Deadline for purchases of goods or services occurring in May and June is June 30 at midnight.
  • The Accounting office will do its best to send payment(s) by mid July.
  • Obtain a receipt indicating “paid”, including description of purchase, and submit by corresponding Reimbursement Deadline(s) each school year.
Sale and Disposal of Books, Equipment and Supplies

The School Board recognizes that students may benefit by allowing parents/students to purchase equipment and/or supplies used during enrollment at MSC. The following guidelines provide direction for a parent or student who wishes to purchase equipment or supplies which have been purchased through the student allotment during enrollment:

The purchase price for equipment or supplies including computers and mobile devices shall be based as follows:

  • One year old 50% of the new purchase price
  • Two years old 25% of the new purchase price
  • Three years old or greater 10% of the new purchase price
  • Four years old or greater $1

The purchase price for musical instruments shall be as follows:

Cost at the time the instrument was purchased for student use – minus 10% per year students have used the instrument.

*Items are considered one year old at the end of the fiscal year in which the item was purchased, the exception being graduating students receiving a diploma or certificate of attendance. The graduating students may purchase books, equipment, supplies, musical instruments, etc. early (as if it were the next fiscal year) from May 1st to the last day that the MCS business office is open. The aforementioned discounts will apply unless the item was purchased during the last semester, in which case the purchase price will be 75% of the new purchase price.

All requests for purchase require approval of the Superintendent or designee.

Upon completion of the transfer to the purchaser, the school will have no further obligation for repair or upkeep.


Mat-Su Central has shelf stock technology available to students for educational use.  This equipment is vetted by the MSBSD and Mat-Su Central and is ordered with student discounts.  For more information on available devices, please visit the Technology page.

  • Technology expenditures over $150 outside of Mat-Su Central’s shelf stock inventory must receive approval from advisors and the technology department.  This applies to all requests for reimbursement and pre-order/special orders.


Jim Renk

Jim Renk

Reimbursement / Administrative Support Staff

Jim.Renk@matsuk12.us (Best way to contact)
Phone: (907) 352-7456
Fax: (907) 352-7481


Are Sales Tax and/or Shipping Costs reimbursable?

I have multiple receipts how should they be submitted? When you have multiple receipts to submit under $100 for one student. Submit them on one reimbursement request (use six to seven lines).

Can I purchase a computer on my own?
Yes, first print-out a “Pre-Approval Form” and fill-out. This form needs to be approved by Advisor, Technology Dept and Principal before purchasing. Then, we tag and reimbursement for the computer.

When I purchase equipment over $150 what should I do?   
Fill-out a “Pre-Approval Form” for your advisor to review and approve. Submit the reimbursement request on-line thru the Parent Portal and then drop the item off for tagging. We will call when it is tagged.

Do PAHA and MAHA needed to be approved instructional vendors?
Not for ice fees, registration, and tournament costs, Yes, for camps.

When I purchase curriculum at curriculum fairs during May can I get reimbursed for it the following school year?  Yes, you can and please help us to reimburse you. Help us with two items. The first, please clearly mark on the receipt it was purchased at a curriculum fair. The second, please submit the reimbursement request early in the next school year (July 18th thru November 15th).

I purchased tickets for different events, when can I get reimbursed for them? If the plays and/or musicals happen on November 20th, December 24th, February 2nd and April 21st, submit each event on a different reimbursement request and get reimbursed sooner,

I just got your message about our reimbursement request needing proof of purchase date. The “Square” receipt is all that they gave us. How can we get a purchase date? The financial institution or credit card company should show it on your statement.

Can I get reimbursed for purchases of iTune cards and gift cards? No; however, once you purchase specific items like apps, supplies, etc submit the receipts for those items for reimbursement.


Keep in Mind - Do's & Dont's
Don’t wait until the deadline to turn in your Reimbursements!
Anytime you have $100 worth of receipts, you may turn them in.
The average Reimbursement processing time is 2-3 weeks.
At the end of April, due to the higher volume of Reimbursement Requests turned in, processing may take up to four to eight (4-8) weeks to complete.
What might be holding up my reimbursement check?
  • Save original receipts, once submitted on “Parent Portal”. Best to keep receipts in a folder until the end of the school year.
  • Shipping costs are reimbursable (freight, postage)  – Include shipping costs on reimbursements.
  • Sales Tax is reimbursable (included on receipt)
  • More and more people primarily use cell phones for receiving receipts and submitting them. Please review the receipts for needed info. Thanks,
  • Be sure images of receipts are clearly legible and include all necessary information, including vendor name, vendor contact information, itemized list of what was purchased and the cost of each item, month, days and times that lessons occurred (if applicable), receipt shows “paid”. Receipt needs to show date of transaction.
  • Use “Parent Portal” to submit Reimbursement Form
  • Copy of membership record showing all using family members from club / recreational facility for family activities is on file with Mat-Su Central.
  • Provide itemized invoice for membership showing “paid” or proof of payment:
    • invoice month and payment for the month match
  • Separate past and future activities – entire reimbursement will be on hold until last activity is complete.

Don’ts  :Things that will slow down your reimbursement include:

  • More than one student included on one reimbursement request – each student should have a separate request.
  • Reimbursement request exceed allotment balance (Not enough funds available).
  • Reimbursement form does not total $100.
  • Items do not align with student’s ILP.
  • Unapproved vendor – Private tutors/teachers must be approved vendors, including having a current Interested Persons Report from the AK State Troopers, on file, in order to be reimbursed.  (unapproved may be used, but will not be eligible for reimbursement.)
  • Receipts do not show “paid”.
  • Receipt images not attached to reimbursement or not readable. These must be submitted along with reimbursement request.
  • Equipment over $150 (non-consumable) needs a Mat-Su Central School ID Tag (We track some equipment less than $150)
  • Internet orders do not show “paid” or how amount was paid (credit card, PayPal, etc)  – Mat-Su Central School must have something documenting amount paid.
  • Tutor/Teacher receipts do not show month, exact date, exact time and description of lesson.
  • Services must be received and paid for prior to reimbursement.  Reimbursement will be on hold until all lessons have taken place.
  • No copy of membership record from club / recreational facility on file for family activities
  • Information for memberships is incomplete – membership record must be on file and receipt shows “paid”.
Reimbursement Procedures

A reimbursement is money paid back to parents out of their student’s allotment for items they have purchased out of pocket, such as curriculum, resources, supplies, etc. (as outlined in the ILP).

The following guidelines must be adhered to when submitting a Request for Reimbursement through the Parent Portal:

  • Reimbursement Requests submitted through the Parent Portal will receive processing priority in the order they are received.
  • Original sales receipt (no copies) may be requested by Mat-Su Central if needed.  Save your original receipts after submitting into parent portal.
  • Reimbursement request can only be submitted for one student per request.
  • Preschool Students: Households enrolling a student or students in the allotment-based program may use up to $500.00 of their family’s allotment for the educational needs of their 3 and 4 year old pre-school children. A MCS enrollment form must be filled out for each preschool student. A birth certificate must also be provided. (see front office)
  • If submitting for Pre-School student, please clearly indicate “preschool” in description field.
  • Each student’s request for reimbursement submission should total a minimum of $100.00, except the final reimbursement for the year, which can be less than $100.00.
  • Receipt totals must clearly state the purchase, (i.e. Internet receipts must clearly show an Internet total.)
  • Student Account funds may be transferred between siblings (proficiency and grades will be considered)
  • Clearly mark all preschool items  “Preschool” on Pre-Order forms.
  • Equipment valued at and over $150.00 is considered non-consumable and must have MCS Property ID tags affixed. Some items of lower value may also be tagged, such as graphing calculators or external hard-drives, etc.
  • Student accounts may be restricted if quarterly progress grade documentation is not provided.
  • Participation in MCS ongoing assessment plans, including all statewide assessments, is a requirement to submit reimbursements. Accounts may be restricted if participation in the mandatory testing requirement is not met.
  • To receive a reimbursement for services provided, such as private lessons or tutoring, the service provider MUST submit a current Interested Persons Report (IPR) obtained from the Alaska State Troopers to MCS annually (along with other requirements) before payment will be made. Interested instructional vendors should visit the Mat-Su Central business offices for more information. Vendor must be on the MCS approved instructional vendor list.  Requests for reimbursement must list month,days and times for lessons and show “PAID”.
  • No services may be provided by persons less than 18 years of age.
  • To become an instructional vendor, a “Vendor Packet” needs to be submitted between July 1st and April 1st of the current school year.
  • Mat-Su Central School does not reimburse for rentals of physical education equipment, musical instruments, and computers, except for skate, ski, and snowboard rentals. Skate, ski and snowboard rentals must be approved by the Advisory Teacher and the Accounting Office. Computers and musical instruments for student use need prior approval for purchase by Mat-Su Central School / MSBSD. Transferring students utilizing Buy Out Options are exempt from this approval requirement.
  • Prepaid Services (Fitness clubs, piano lessons, karate lessons, sewing lessons, etc.) during current year will be reimbursed on a monthly basis, only after services are rendered.
  • Memberships, passes and activity fees will be reimbursed for students. (Effective March 1, 2017, a chaperone may also be reimbursed) .
  • All incomplete receipts (invoices) will be rejected and need to be resubmitted with complete information.
  • All activities must be directly related to the ILP.
  • Medical expenses or medical insurance is not reimbursable, including school physicals and sports physicals.
  • No items deemed excessive by MCS advisor or MCS Administrator will be reimbursed.
Guidelines for Reimbursement

Nonsectarian services and materials may be purchased from public, private, or religious organizations with student allotments if:

  • the services and materials are required for the course of study in the ILP textbooks, services, and other curriculum materials and the course of study:
  • are approved by the school district
  • are appropriate for the student
  • are aligned to state standards
  • comply with Alaska law related to the prohibition of partisan, sectarian, or denominational doctrines from being advocated in a public school during school hours
  • comply with Alaska law related to the prohibition of discrimination in textbooks and instructional materials, and o supports a public purpose

Unexpended funds provided for student allotments may be carried over from one fiscal year to the next, provided the student continues to be enrolled in the correspondence program for which the annual allotment was provided.
If a student is no longer enrolled in the correspondence program for which the allotment was provided, the unexpended balance of the student allotment must be returned to the budget of the department or district. Student allotments may not be used to pay for services provided to students by a family member. Family member is defined as a spouse, guardian, parent, stepparent, sibling, stepsibling, grandparent, step-grandparent, child, uncle, or aunt.

Student allotments will not cover:

  • family travel, including transportation, food, or lodging; or for expenses during, or for any travel out-of-state; “family travel” does not include travel in which a student is accompanied by the student’s family for assessments or other required activities initiated by the school district;
  • clothing, footwear, sports uniforms, physical education equipment (exceptions considered by advisory teachers), or personal items;
  • pets and other animals;
  • furniture;
  • entertainment;
  • items that are considered excessive by the school administrator.
Internet Support

Home internet access will be reimbursed up to a monthly maximum of $150 per family. Mobile internet access for data may be reimbursed on approval.  Wireless access point (WAP) internet may be available when home internet access is not available. Families may appeal guideline exception(s) and troubleshoot home internet network thru MCS Technologist. MCS can provide LTE mobile devices as approved by Advisors and other program requirements.

Reimbursements Sent to Parent, Guardian, or Student (18 years-old +)

Checks are mailed or funds transferred to the first individual listed on the ParentVue mailing address.

  • Currently use the MSBSD accounting system to make reimbursements.
  • Address needs to be current in this system, as well as, ParentVue.

When setting-up EFT Enrollment (Direct Deposit, ACH), the same individual needs to be named in ParentVue, MSBSD accounting system, and on the EFT Enrollment form.

  • The default is a paper check mailed for reimbursements.

When using Direct Deposit (EFT), keep this fund information current.




Henry Henson

Henry Henson


Phone: (907) 352-7455
Fax:  (907) 352-7481

General Information

MSC students can order equipment using their student allotments for educational needs.

This process is different than the Reimbursement Process.

For items costing more than $150 or for items you wish us to purchase at your request, a Purchase Request should be filed with your advisory teacher.

These requests, once approved by the teachers, move to Mr. Henson, who is in charge of ordering and receiving these items.

Monies will be deducted directly from the student’s allotments.

All items over $150 will require a Mat-Su Borough Asset tag to be attached.

If you are buying out your equipment after use or exiting the program, you will need to talk with Mr. Henson as well.

Depreciation of items is as follows:
After first full fiscal year:      50% of original cost
After second:                           25%
After third:                                10%
After fourth:                             $1

Purchase Order Procedures

A purchase order is used when the parent/home teacher chooses to have the school district order and pay for items needed rather than paying out-of-pocket and submitting a reimbursement later, or for items costing more than $499.00.

  1. Obtain a Pre-Approval Form from your MCS teacher/advisor. Some local vendors have their own forms which are acceptable for use. The form must have ALL of the following information on it before it can be processed: student’s name, parent’s name and phone number, vendor’s fax number, item quantities, numbers, Course Title, item(s) description, prices, shipping costs, order total, and parent signature. The form must be faxed or delivered to MCS PRIOR to delivery of the item. For example, if you are submitting a Pre-Order form to pay for lessons, you must wait for the Purchase Order to be processed and approved before beginning the lessons.
  2. Once the form is received in the Accounting Department, the form is checked for errors, and then delivered to the student’s advisor. The advisor will verify that the item(s) requested is in line with the student’s ILP on file. The advisor then approves or denies the order by signature.
  3. Once the Pre-Approval Form is approved by the advisor, it is returned to the Accounting Department and a Purchase Order Requisition (PO) is created.
  4. The PO is then forwarded to the principal or his designee for final approval.
  5. After the principal has approved the PO, it is sent to the Mat-Su Borough School District central office in Palmer. Central office processes the PO and then the PO is faxed to the appropriate vendor for order fulfillment and shipping.
  6. Once the vendor receives the PO from central office, the vendor will contact the parent to either pick up the order or to begin the lessons. The exception to this is explained in the receiving process below.

Any individual item costing more than $150.00, whether purchased by PO or with a reimbursement, must have a blue Mat-Su Central School property ID tag attached to the item. Remember, all equipment purchased through the PO or reimbursement process is the property of the Mat-Su school district and MUST be returned upon departing the program.

Receiving Process
  • “Receiving required” purchase orders are orders that are primarily shipped from outside Alaska to MCS for receiving purpose. Once the items are received at MCS and checked in, the parents are called to pick up the item at MCS. “Receiving required” purchase orders are never to be delivered directly to the student or parent’s home.
  • “No receiving required” purchase orders are primarily for orders that are from vendors located in the Mat-Su Valley and Anchorage area. These orders can be picked up from the vendors’ place of business and do not need to be received at MCS. It is necessary for the parent to sign the invoice or receipt that will be forwarded to the accounting department. If the invoice is not signed as received it may not be paid. “No receiving required” purchase orders are also used to pay for services such as art classes, piano lesson, etc.