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Dear MSC Families,

This year we have identified several iMac computers that we can no longer use in the school. In an effort to make them available to families who have needs, we are offering the opportunity to request to purchase these devices for their depreciated value of $1.00. 
These devices may still be good for the following:
– email
– web browsing
– some older applications that will still work with legacy OS
– photo/video storing
– DVD playing
If you are interested in purchasing one of these used devices, please read the following and fill out the form linked below:
Important information
– MSC does not guarantee device works properly
– computers cannot be upgraded to newer operating system
– MSC Staff cannot support in setting up or maintaining devices
– Devices will not include peripherals (mice, keyboard, bag, etc.)
ONLY ONE computer may be requested per FAMILY, and are reserved for students who do not have a computer already assigned. 
After the request period is over, names will be drawn and selected families will be notified to come in and collect their device
You must be able to pick up your device within 24hours of being notified, or it will be re-assigned to another requesting family.
Open request is currently scheduled to close Wednesday evening 10/23/19